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Decorative Pillows may seem insignificant in the larger scheme of things, but don’t judge them by their size. Decorative pillows can elevate the look of any sofa, bench, chair or bed. Not only do they provide comfort, ease and coziness, they also pack a punch with their colors, textures and prints. These Decorative Pillows can harness the entire look of the room and unify it with simplicity and oh so effortlessly.

To style them like a pro, decorative pillows Tulsa are your best friend, the kind of diversity available there is unbelievable but with proper guidance the process can be very easy and fulfilling. The best way to introduce decorative pillows in your design is by selecting an anchor color, a color that is cohesive with the existing color palette and try to stick to it. Add different fragments of that color with textures, prints and patterns. Aim for a symmetrical arrangement to make the décor look organized rather than a cluttered mess. Use the rule of one simple print like stripes, one busy print like floral and one solid color like a texture or light weave material.

Try repeating the rule mentioned above on two sofas or at least on the either end of one sofa to make it look complete and collective. Place your embellished, unique finds in front of a solid color pillow to give it more definition. Be careful and don’t go overboard, you are aiming for comfort and style, if you will pack the sofa with cushions then it might not be comfortable to sit and relax. Decorative pillows are amazing and one must indulge in them.