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Art & Wall Décor

The empty walls in your home are brimming with opportunities; they have the ability to turn your house into a home. Stark, bare and blatant walls don’t look inviting and must be styled with Wall Art Decor. Whatever is your personality, be it an avid reader, a history lover, cricketer, a nature fanatic, movie buff or art collector, walls have the aptitude to reflect that with the way you style them. Rug fashion Store in Tulsa and Springfield has got it all covered and sorted for you all. Now you don’t have to diligently walk in and out of every other shop to get your hands on the perfect wall art décor.

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Here are some ideas to get you started on your wall décor journey. Firstly try to place your artwork in either grid formation, or in threes formation to add interest and impact. Hang pictures or paintings but the placing is the key here. If I have to suggest one place that is always sidelined while decorating but has a great impression is the hallway area. Putting an accent wall art there will make heads turn. To grab eyeballs hang a big, oversized photograph or painting, this will make a small room appear bigger and set the tone right. This one is my favorite as it makes the room fresh, gives the illusion of a bigger space and has so many design varieties that there is one for every one, yes mirrors. They are the perfect wall art décor which can never go wrong. Walls deserve your attention and they will surely reciprocate.