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Are you done with the dull, boring, tedious and monotonous rectangular shape rugs? Do you wish to take the plunge by challenging yourself? Wouldn’t it be great to take your home décor up a notch by adding Round Area Rugs rather than the usual ones? I know people get skeptical about their placement but give them the chance and they will shine! Round Area Rugs are often smaller in size as compared to their rectangular or square counterparts. But that doesn’t mean they are in any way less impactful.

 Round area rugs perfectly tie together or bring the whole look together of any space they are laid in. Circular shape and oval shape are the two types of round rugs. Most of the round rugs you might have come across are circles and they serve as vital accents to spruce up any space. But oval rugs are unique and a little out of the comfort zone of many people, but if placed strategically and logically nothing can look more apt and draw significant attention from the onlookers.

Placing round rugs at the entrance can set the perfect impression of the home as the starting pointing is so unique and out of box. You can also set them under a coffee table or place them in between two chairs to define an area. Round rugs can also be used to make a small area appear wider. It also helps give a contrast when everything is angular and straight in the room; the curves give a new dimension. Don’t hold back on round area rugs, you’ll not  be disappointed.