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Joanna Gaines

Joanna Gaines is a renowned, respected and sought-after designer in the world of rugs, carpets, throws and pillows.  With her unique, rustic, eccentric take on things, she is the queen of home decorating. She is the co-founder and co-owner of Magnolia Home decor line. Having an eye for colors, textures and quality, her designed rugs can make any place brim with creativity and style. Magnolia rugs have the authenticity of true craftsmanship which makes them rich in culture, tradition and history.

Joanna Gaines designs her rugs with passion and with the decades of home décor experience under her belt, you can sure trust her collection. She has something for every home, every space whether it is big or small, dark or light or for living room, bed room, kitchen and even for corridors. Her rugs are the perfect amalgamation and unification of bold patterns, rich fabric, thick piles and timeless style. The range of her collection will blow your mind; it has every minute detail that will coincide with the taste of every home maker.

Designing a collection that has something for everyone is not easy. But Joanna with her impeccable sense has done it time and again.  From traditional rugs to contemporary rugs to a merger of both in the form of transitional rugs, she has something for everyone. Traditional rugs are best for people who want to reflect culture and history, contemporary rugs translate fresh and chic style and transitional rugs are best for home makers who want the best of both worlds.